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Welcome to Prosperity Lodge
“With hearty good wishes”

I would like to welcome you to The Prosperity Lodge No 2607 EC. The lodge is presided over by the Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent from the United Grand Lodge of England in London. We are situated within the District Grand Lodge of South Africa North, under the direction of the Deputy District Grand Master In Charge, VWBrother Chris van Gaallen.

Philip Kruger, Worshipful Master 2018-2021

Who are we?

The Prosperity Lodge number 2607 on the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and forming a part of the District Grand Lodge of South Africa North, is one of the oldest Freemason Lodges in Johannesburg. It saw the light of day when it was formed in 1896. Its founders came from even older lodges in Johannesburg. The UGLE takes its origin from the formation of a Grand Lodge in 1717 in London, though the roots of Freemasonry extend far further back than that.


Prosperity Lodge meets twice a month (except January). The first Monday for Lodge of Instruction, and on the second Wednesday for our regular meeting. Our annual installation meeting is in November, when we also host the District’s annual Remembrance Day Service. Throughout the year we have several social functions. At these events, family and friends are welcome to join and enjoy the company and hospitality of the lodge.

Upcoming Meetings:

After a year of meetings suspended, due to Covid 19, brethren are looking forward to meeting again in person on 14 April. We also welcome visitors. We are following strict regulations to minimise the risks of Covid 19 during the meeting.

What do we do?

Freemasons get together in lodge meetings to discuss matters of masonic importance. Lodges are also involved in fundraising for charity. Donations are made annually to the district, and they distribute these funds to various deserving causes.

Summary of contributions for 2018-2019:

R2 000 towards the Masonic Services Committee’s annual blanket drive

22 Boxes filled with toiletries, educational material, clothing, toys, sweets donated to the Santa Shoebox Charity to the value of R9 000

R10 000 handed over to the DGLSA to be dispersed at the District Grand Master’s discretion

Grand Officers

  • WBro Gordon Martin PJGD

District Grand Officers 2020-2021

  • WM Philip Kruger DistGOrganist

Past District Grand Officers

  • WBro Jon Paul PDistSGW, DistGMCoS
  • WBro Spencer Tarr PDistSGW
  • WBro Jeff Spiller PDistJGW
  • WBro Brandon Eatwell PDistJGW
  • WBro Thys Snyman PDistJGD
  • WBro Martin Green PDistJGD
  • WBro Philip Heydenrych PDistGrandMentor

Want to join?

You asked “What does Freemasonry expect of me, once admitted?”

Simply this:

Love and kindness in the home; honesty and fairness in business or occupation; in social contacts; help for the weak and less fortunate; forgiveness towards the penitent; love towards one another, and above all, reverence for the Supreme Being.

Crystalised these principles represent TRUTH, HONOUR, VIRTUE and are the basic principles embodied in the ten commandments, forming the very foundation on which we ALL should mould our everyday behaviour through life.
Freemasonry is not contrary to the principles of a man of upright heart and mind, and has in it nothing inconsistent with his civil, moral or religious duties.

If you would like further information, please contact us on the section provided for at the bottom.


Brethren keeping in touch with one another while Masonic labours have been suspended

We’re always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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Prosperity Lodge 2607
8 Park Lane, Parktown, Johannesburg

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United Grand Lodge of England

District Grand Lodge of South Africa North

Supreme Grand Chapter (The Holy Royal Arch)

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